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We are proud to present our custom-built launcher, designed to enhance your Ultima Online gaming experience. Our innovative tool allows us to patch the game files, offering a truly unique and customized gameplay while preserving everything you love about Ultima Online. Dive into a world where you can explore new realms, engage in thrilling adventures, and discover fresh content, all within the familiar and beloved Ultima Online universe. With our launcher, the possibilities are endless, and the excitement never ceases. Unleash your imagination and embark on a journey like no other!

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About Dark Factions

Patch Notes

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  • Anti-Macro Code is disabled.
  • Boards changed in price. The vendor will now sell them at 10gp each and purchase them at 6gp each.
  • Shard name changed to "Dark Factions UO"
  • Horses set to 1,000 GP per horse with 3 available at each animal trainer.
  • Adjusted our system message at login to direct people to use this discord and say "Welcome to Dark Factions UO!"
  • Re-Tames adjusted to 5 from 1.
  • Adjusted Beetle's Minimum Taming Required to 65.1 from 75.1
  • Enabled Recall, Gate and Mark for T2A
  • Corrected Loot Tables for the Black Solen Warrior, Black Solen Queen and Orc Captain
  • Added 5s Cooldown to Explosion Potions after use and adjusted to allow potion to be picked up and thrown again.
  • Removed -25% Skill Gain from Houses and Towns, Dungeons still remain unchanged and provide a +50% Increase.
  • Added Nightmare Spawns: Terathan Keep, Oasis (T2A), Covetous, Southern T2A Near 2 Bridge Area

  • NPC Guild Discounts for Mages Guild on Blood Moss and Black Pearl.
  • Map Fixes, lot's of tiles fixed, nearly all of the moutains and general cleanup.
  • Balancing of NPC Vendor Prices to better suit a player economy.

Now Buy's Ingots for 4gp (No Change)
Now Sells Ingots for 13gp, increased from 5gp.

Now Buy's Boards for 4gp, decreased from 6gp
Now Buy's Logs for 6gp, increased from 1gp
Now Sells Boards for 13gp, increased from 10gp

Now Buy's Raw Fish Steaks for 3gp, increased from 1gp
Now Sell's Raw Fish Steaks for 7gp increased from 3gp

Now Buy's Hide's for 5gp, increased from 2gp
Now Sell's Hide's for 13gp, increased from 3gp

Now Buy's Leather for 5gp (No Change)
Now Sell's Leather for 13gp, increased from 6gp

Now Buy's Boards for 4gp, increased from 1gp
Now Removed Log's from buy list
Now Sell's Ingots for 10gp, increased from 5gp
Now Sell's Boards for 10gp, increased from 3gp

Skillgain modification
Skillgain will now start at a faster rate the lower your skill and increase in difficulty as you progress.

  • Corrected Dry Docked Boats to say (Blessed) over their name after having been renamed.
  • Removed "Blessed" Property from Commodity Deeds.
  • Fixed locked down containers to behave correctly.
  • Enabled Mark/Recall/Gate for Dungeons.
  • Fixed Veterinarian NPC to now resurrect bonded pets.
  • Corrected Skillgain to no longer be tied to 700.0 Skillcap
  • Adjustments to Skillgain Calculations - Improved skills that would get stuck at low skill levels and skills gaining too fast at higher skill levels.
  • Adjusted Movement speed Delay to line up more closely with RunUO DFI/Hybrid Look & Feel.
  • Increased Blacksmith Skillgain Rates
  • Adjusted Glacial Staff Drop Rate from (1 in 40) to (1 in 100) Ice Serpents.
  • Adjusted Thrasher and Tangle Loot Tables.
  • Set starting location for new player creation to Cove.
  • Added Method of Travel from Cove to NuJel’m (Currently a teleporter in the Guard Tower - To be converted into hidden passageway under the guard post in future edits.)
  • Removed Stat Bonus from Animal Taming.
  • Set Beetles to Renaissance Era Accurate taming values for better control and reduced the rate of respawn at exisiting beetles spawns within the solen hive. Beetles will now spawn at a random interval between 1 and 24 hours.